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Cerahelix, Inc., based in Orono, Maine, is a material science company developing a ceramic coating used to produce highly efficient filters that require less energy to operate and have lower maintenance costs that current filtration technologies.  The company had a successful 2013 with highlights that include receiving a $1million Phase II SBIR grant, three issued patents, and winning the Bion and Dorian Foster Entrepreneurship Award.

The Maine Venture Fund and other individual investors in Maine partnered to provide Cerahelix with the necessary capital to support the company’s marketing and commercialization efforts relevant to the SBIR funded R&D activities. 

According to CEO Susan McKay,  “These funds have enabled us to expand our team by supporting the hiring of Ed Weisberg who brings additional business development expertise to Cerahelix.” 

Maine Venture Fund first invested in Cerahelix in the Spring of 2012 because of Susan’s and her team’s professionalism and vision for their ground breaking filtration technology.  “Cerahelix is the kind of company venture funds around the world are seeking – a strong management team, with a disruptive technology in a large market,” says Maine Venture Fund Associate Jayme Okma Lee.  “We look forward to being apart of Cerahelix’s future success.”


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