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By J. Craig Anderson, Staff Writer, PORTLAND PRESS HERALD

App maker targets youth and national parks


Portland-based Chimani believes the right technology can lead younger generations back to nature.

Those who lament the fact that young people spend less time outdoors than their elders often point to modern technology as the culprit.

However, one Portland-based company believes the right technology can bring younger generations back to nature.

Chimani, launched in 2010, is developing a series of free mobile apps for national parks and other outdoor attractions that combine the benefits of a map, guidebook and activity planner into one digital package. Chimani’s apps also leverage the global positioning capabilities of smartphones to show users in real time where they are and which points of interest surround them.

Investors are starting to take notice. The company closed recently on a $500,000 round of funding from a variety of private and public sources including angel investors and the Maine Technology Institute. Chimani also has hired a number of technology and travel-industry veterans and lured two high-tech heavyweights from Facebook and Yelp! to join its advisory board.

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